TurboBridge Launches High-Definition Audio Conferencing Service

Crystal-Clear Audio Quality Now Available at Flat-Rate Pricing

Bethesda, Maryland, September 12, 2009 – TurboBridge today announced the launch of its HD Audio conferencing service. TurboBridge offers the highest quality audio conferencing for businesses and consumers at affordable flat-rate pricing. TurboBridge is the first provider in the industry to support HD Audio and direct SIP URI connections via the public Internet.

HD Audio is implemented using the G.722 codec which provides a wideband audio experience for users with the appropriate end devices. Wideband audio provides twice the frequency range of a normal telephone call - with the end result being a cleaner, richer and more natural sounding audio experience. "It's so much easier to understand everyone with an HD Audio conferencing service," said Chris Koehncke, President of TurboBridge. "Each participant can be on a different continent and it still sounds like everyone is in the same room."

Current IP-PBXs and IP telephones from firms such as Aastra, Avaya, Cisco, and Shoretel as well as open source PBXs like Asterisk all support HD Audio. In fact, any SIP-aware telephone can connect directly to TurboBridge via the SIP URI sip:bridge@turbobridge.com and one does not need to be a customer of TurboBridge to participate in a conference call.

TurboBridge also supports calling via the traditional telephone network by way of 30+ local telephone access numbers as well as via 1-800 toll-free numbers. In addition, TurboBridge supports access via the Skype client as well as via TurboPhone, the company's own browser-based soft-client. This diversity of access options makes TurboBridge the easiest conference service to connect to no matter where you are in the world.

In addition to its cutting edge audio technology, TurboBridge also offers all the standard features typically found in business conferencing services such as: call recording, multiple conference modes, support for up to 250 participants per conference and a web-based moderator control panel which allows the conference host to control commonly used features (muting, locking, recording, etc.) during the actual conference. TurboBridge also offers a unique management interface for businesses which allows the administrator to quickly manage conference bridges for their entire company.

Along with its innovative technology, TurboBridge has also introduced innovative flat-rate pricing for unlimited usage for both SIP and standard PSTN calling starting as low as $49.95 for the entire year.

Media Contact:
Brian Lustig
+1 (301) 541-8003