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Private Label Solutions

Offer Conferencing to Your Customers, Under Your Brand

TurboBridge provides an easy, low-cost, and quick-to-launch solution to add audio conferencing to your product portfolio. We host your conferencing service on our servers, so there's no capital costs or complex integration with your existing services, yet you can offer full-featured audio conferencing under your own brand. Unlike most other conferencing providers, we built our own communications server, and can easily customize a solution to suit your needs.

Private Label vs. Wholesale.  Our Private Label option allows you to offer our full-featured retail audio conferencing under your brand, where your clients would only be exposed to your brand and web domain. (The TurboBridge identity would be hidden.) There are no volume discounts, term contracts or minimum monthly commitments – you simply pay standard retail plan charges, plus applicable fees for each selected Private Label element. Our Wholesale Solutions are designed for higher volumes and customized application integrations, and are provided under special contractual arrangements, normally with term and spending commitments.

Promote Your Brand.  We can provision dedicated dial-in numbers where you need them, branded with your welcome announcement, professionally recorded for a polished experience for your clients. Your customers can also have access to a global network of unbranded dial-in numbers, to extend your reach at minimal cost. Your clients log into a web dashboard using your web domain, branded with your logo, where they can manage their account, monitor live conferences, view call history, and retrieve conference recordings. They can receive email conference reports, also customized with your branding and contact information.

Your Responsibilities.  You would be responsible for billing and customer support for your clients. You will have administrative access to your private label account, where you provision conference bridges for your clients. Of course, we'll be available to assist with any customer issues that arise.

Integration.  You can use the TurboBridge API to incorporate administrative elements into your website, such as allowing your customers to provision or deactivate conference bridges through your website.

Pricing.  We offer different pricing approaches to accommodate your business model. You first choose one of our standard retail plans, selecting to pay either per-minute usage charges or fixed monthly bridge fees. In addition to the standard plan charges, you pay additional charges for each Private Label option that you choose. The full Private Label package costs $100 upfront, plus $30 per month, though you aren't required to select all three options.

Private Label Option Set-Up Monthly
Branded Dial-in Access Number $0 $10
Branded Web Dashboard $50 $10
Custom Email Reports $50 $10

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Complete Branded Solution
  • Your Voice – Callers hear your brand when they dial into conferences.
  • Your Logo – Your clients can manage their conference line and monitor live conferences with a web dashboard branded with your logo.
  • Your Service – Your clients can receive email usage summaries customized with your branding and contact information, sent from your email address.
  • Complete Turnkey Solution – Everything runs on our platform, and no changes to your website or operations are required.
  • Low Cost – Allows you to offer an outstanding value to your clients for full-featured, high-quality product.
  • Quick-to-Market – You can be offering conferencing to your customers within a few days!