TurboBridge Releases Developer API to Bring High Definition
Audio Conferencing to any Web, iOS or Android Application

Join.me and Callvine have already launched API-enabled services

Bethesda, Maryland, June 18, 2012 – TurboBridge, the leading HD audio conferencing platform, announced the availability of its developer API which makes cloud-based VoIP conferencing functionality available to any Web, iOS or Android developer. Now third parties can quickly and inexpensively add conference calling to their existing applications and services.

TurboBridge's REST-based API makes it easy for developers to:

  • Manage system partitions and customer accounts
  • Manage conference bridges and settings (conference mode, supported audio codecs, music-on-hold, etc.)
  • Control conferences in progress (mute/unmute, start/stop recording, add participants via outbound call, etc.)
  • Manage access methods, such as phone numbers and VoIP connectivity, for partitions, accounts and bridges
  • Customize greetings, prompts and conference commands for each access method
  • Retrieve call detail records on a real-time basis for billing purposes

The complete API description is available at: https://api.turbobridge.com.

Both join.me (a service of LogMeIn, Inc.) and Callvine recently introduced free VoIP audio conferencing capabilities powered by TurboBridge.

"We wanted to give users of the Callvine iPhone app the best audio quality possible, so we chose TurboBridge as our conferencing platform," said Rudy Prince, CEO of Callvine. "The TurboBridge API gave us granular control of individual calls, allowing us to implement a number of innovative features, while hiding many of the complexities of SIP and VoIP connections that we didn't want to deal with."

"With the launch of its robust developer API, TurboBridge is making high definition (HD) quality audio conferencing available to Web, iOS and Android developers throughout the world," said Doug Mohney, Editor of HD Voice News. "This is exciting stuff since TurboBridge has been below the radar. I am looking forward to the new wave of HD enabled applications developers will undoubtedly come up with in the near future."

TurboBridge Chief Technology Officer, Roman Shpount, added, "We're making it easy for partners and service providers to add revenue-enhancing services."

About TurboBridge
TurboBridge makes HD-quality conference calling available to businesses of every size, while enabling Web, iOS and Android developers throughout the world to add cloud-based telephony services into their applications. TurboBridge's easy and affordable audio conferencing solutions allow callers to connect via phone or broadband. Learn more at https://www.turbobridge.com.