TurboBridge Announces Support for WebRTC Endpoints

Users can now connect to TurboBridge audio conferences using the Chrome, Firefox and Opera Web Browsers

Bethesda, Maryland, June 10, 2015 – TurboBridge, the leading cloud-based audio conferencing service, today announced that it has added support for Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC), enabling its customers to connect to audio conferences using any WebRTC compliant web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

“The promise of the WebRTC standard is to turn every web browser into an audio and video endpoint,” said Roman Shpount, Chief Technology Officer at TurboBridge. “Today, we take a small step toward achieving this vision by enabling TurboBridge users to simply click on a hyperlink to access their conferences from a desktop computer or smartphone.”

TurboBridge currently handles over 100 million conferencing minutes per month, making it one of the largest conferencing operators in the world. With today's announcement, TurboBridge becomes one of the first conferencing providers to offer a full range of audio conferencing options, including traditional PSTN toll and toll-free access from more than 60 countries, direct SIP access, and WebRTC calls from desktop and mobile browsers. PSTN, SIP and WebRTC calls are seamlessly connected together, with media generated by each type of endpoint transcoded to offer the highest audio quality possible.

Existing TurboBridge retail customers and their conference guests can immediately enjoy WebRTC access by clicking here: https://www.turbobridge.com/webcall/. This new capability is free for customers on flat rate pricing plans and 1 cent per minute for customers on usage-based plans. TurboBridge wholesale partners can also leverage this technology and add support for WebRTC endpoints in their own services.

TurboBridge provides an extensive conferencing API and a reference implementation of a WebRTC conference client which can serve as a basis for new communications services developed by TurboBridge's retail and wholesale customers. For technical details regarding TurboBridge's WebRTC implementation, please refer to the WebCall project page: https://github.com/turbobridge/WebCall.

About TurboBridge
TurboBridge operates a cloud-based audio conferencing service that reaches every corner of the world, providing flexible and affordable retail and wholesale services to companies of every size. Our hosted Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution eliminates the need for hardware investment, software maintenance and telecommunications upgrades. The powerful TurboBridge API also enables Web, iOS and Android developers to quickly integrate telephony services into their own applications. For more information, visit us at https://www.turbobridge.com.