Recording a Conference Announcement

You can record your own announcement that all participants will hear before joining your conference calls. Use this feature to record a personalized welcome greeting, play a legal disclaimer, or provide callers with instructions for participating in your conference calls. You can also use this feature to notify callers of a rescheduled or cancelled meeting, or remind callers of regularly-scheduled meetings. The announcement will play after the caller has entered your Conference ID. You can create, modify or remove the announcement whenever you wish, following the instructions below. There is no charge for using this feature.

  1. Call the Announcement Recording Line:  (267) 245-8100.  You will be prompted to enter your Conference ID and Host PIN.
  2. Follow the prompts to record, review, or re-record your announcement by phone. Your announcement is limited to a maximum of 60 seconds.
  3. Once you are satisfied with your recording, follow the prompt to save the announcement. The new announcement takes effect immediately.
  4. To remove the announcement, call the Announcement Recording Line and follow the prompts to remove the announcement.

The Conference Announcement is separate from the Welcome Greeting, which plays prior to the prompt to enter the Conference ID. Callers dialing standard access numbers will hear “Welcome to TurboBridge”, followed by a prompt to enter the Conference ID. The Conference Announcement will play after the caller enters the Conference ID. Refer to the Custom Number Option if you are looking to provide a customized Welcome Greeting or wish to provide your participants with a codeless dial-in number.