Understanding Account Administrators and Conference Hosts

There are two primary roles in the TurboBridge account structure:

  • Account Administrators – Manage entire account. (Login with email address and password.)
  • Conference Hosts – Manage individual conference bridge. (Login with Conference ID and Host PIN.)

Both Account Portal (for Administrators) and the Host Control Panel (for Hosts) are accessed via the Login link on the top menu bar.

Account Administrators maintain a profile (name, email address, contact phone number, timezone, and password), linked to an email address. Each TurboBridge account must have at least one Administrator, and may have multiple Administrators, each with identical privileges. A single Administrator login may have access to multiple accounts, which are displayed in the Summary tab in the Account Portal. Administrators have access to all settings, account activity and recordings associated with all conference bridges in the account, as well as viewing invoices and managing payment methods.

Conference Hosts only have access to a single conference bridge (defined by the Conference ID), and can fully manage that bridge via the Host Control Panel. The Host Control Panel allows the Host to manage live conferences, modify most feature settings, view usage history, download recordings, and manage the Caller List and User IDs. Anybody with the Conference ID and Host PIN can log into the Host Control Panel (an email address and password is not required).

In a single-user account, the Administrator and Host may be the same person. The account structure is designed to accommodate larger organizations, where an Administrator can create individual conference bridges for different projects, departments, or employees, who can then manage their own bridges without coordination with the Administrator. The Administrator can associate one or more email addresses with each bridge (called the Notification List), allowing them to receive bridge information (including the Conference ID and Host PIN for accessing the Host Control Panel) and post-conference email reports. See Setting Up a Conference Bridge for additional information.

The table below indicates actions that are available to the Administrators and Hosts. (Administrators have access to all bridges in the account, while a Host can only access a particular bridge.)

Action Admin Host
Create, Modify and Delete Conference IDs
Modify Host PIN
Modify Feature Settings
Enable or Disable Toll-Free Access to Conference Calls
Download Recordings
View and Download Usage Activity
Receive Conference Email Reports
Manage Caller List and Block Specific Callers
Monitor and Manage Live Conference Calls
Enable and Manage User IDs
Specify the Security Code for a Conference Call (if enabled)
Specify Email Addresses on Notification List
View Invoices, Change Pricing Plan and Update Payment Method